Terms & Conditions


1. Term

1.1. 'Agreement' stands for the present terms and conditions.

1.2. 'Company' denotes the entity, which provides services to the customers in compliance with the defined terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

1.3. 'Writer' is the individual, cooperating with the company to provide custom writing services on a freelance basis under the Company's conditions.

1.4. 'Customer' stands for an individual placing an order of resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile writing service with the Company to get the product meeting his or her requirements and going by the present agreement.

1.5. An 'Order' means an electronic application from the customer to Company for service in creating a specific resume product and/or service.

1.6. A 'Product' means an electronic document in a proper format that is the result of the completion of the order.

1.7. A 'Product Revision' denotes an edited variant of the original product made on customer’s request.

2. The Nature of the Product and Terms of Service

2.1. Resumes by Maria (hereafter referred to as "Company") delivers services to the customers in reliance to the present terms and conditions. When ordering services from the Company, you agree to these conditions as well as to pay the denoted price for your order.

2.2. We show the commitment to make it sure, that our customers receive the high-quality products within a previously set deadline.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1. The Company is concerned about the privacy of the clients and will never share or disclose to a third party any personal information of a customer, including credit card details. The Company uses reliable online Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) to process all the transactions online. It secures the customers’ credit card information from being stolen or disclosed. The Company, however, cannot guarantee 100% safety of the credit cards and PayPal details as the disclosures may occur without the Company’s fault, under circumstances beyond its control.

3.2. Some sections of the company's site, which include the order forms, require providing certain personal details such as name, e-mail address, etc. from the part of the customer. The Company uses this data solely for the purpose of the customer verification and contacting


4. Order Process

4.1. Order Placement. During the process of placing the order the client bears full responsibility for providing the correct phone number and valid e-mail address through which he/she can be reached.. In the process of order preparation there can be plenty of occasions, which may require establishing the immediate contact with the client. In case the customer fails to provide his/her valid telephone number and e-mail address, he/she should realize that it may influence the process of order preparation and lead to the violation of the present terms and conditions. This may result to the customer into the forfeit of any claim to any warranty or guarantee.

4.2. Information provided. As we work directly with the information provided by the customer, it must be comprehensive. During the process of order placement, the client is required to inform the Company about his education, previous work experience, current career goal, as well as about all professional trainings, certificates and seminars attended, so that the Company can complete a winning resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile which will be able to draw the potential employer’s attention immediately.

4.3. Instructions. The instructions coming from the client should be clear accurate and to the point, in case the client fails to provide him/her in the process of order completion.

5. Delivery/ Downloading Policy

5.1. The Company strives for the highest possible level of customers’ satisfaction available. Nevertheless, the company will not be liable or accept responsibility for the delivery problems at the customers end caused by such things as spam filters, wrong email, poor internet connection, general neglect, etc., as they are beyond the Company’s control.

5.2. If the product has been delivered on time, the company will not accept responsibility for the customer’s failure or inability to download the completed product.

6. Cancellation Policy

6.1. It is impossible to guarantee a refund for the full price in case of cancellation. Once you make an order with the Company, you acknowledge that we may start working on your order immediately after receiving it. This may include reformatting the documents, typing in the details, professional consultation, etc.). No refunds will be made after the customer places the order by making the payment for the service.


7. Termination

7.1. The Company is free to cancel any paid order in its own discretion in case the lack of cooperation from the customer’s side, which affects the process of order completion. More than that, the Company has the right to cancel an order in case there is a suspicion that the customer may be engaged in a fraudulent activity. The Company does not guarantee refund under the above-mentioned circumstances. Each case is carefully analyzed and the final decision is taken depending on a number of factors. The Company is free to take action in reliance with the particular conditions of each separate case.

7.2. The Company maintains the right to cancel any contact with abusive clients who demonstrate any signs of aggressive behavior towards the members of the Company.


8. Revision policy

8.1. The revision policy includes 1 free-revision for a resume edit (requested within 5 days of delivery); 1 free-revision for a new resume (requested within 10 days of delivery); 1 free-revision for a cover letter (requested within 5 days of delivery); 1 free-revision for a LinkedIn profile (requested within 7 days of delivery).

8.2. The Company may limit the revisions or decline the requests for it in cases such as, but not limited to, alteration of the initial order details, return of the resume order without any reason, taking advantage of the writer, and evident abuses of the revision opportunity.


9. Satisfaction guarantee

9.1. The product ordered at the Company is guaranteed to be of excellent quality and delivered on time. However, the Company cannot make any guarantees regarding the overall success of the candidate using the resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile. Since the overall success of a candidate is contingent upon the pool of candidates who have applied for a role, therefore, it is not possible for the Company to guarantee any interviews for that candidate.

9.2. The Company does not and cannot provide any guarantees that the original documents received from the customer will be totally re-written if the order is placed for editing services. The company makes the revision of the current resume in terms of vocabulary, grammar and formatting in accordance with the customer’s initial instructions. The Company will not refund any amount in case that the edited document is considered to be copy-pasted.

9.3. The Company doesn’t and cannot offer refund, as our writing services are rendered solely in digital format, therefore, cannot be physically returned to the company and writer, who have completed the work. To guarantee high quality of our service we offer our clients free revisions and improvements of the documents.


10. Complaints

10.1. Resume writing has its tendencies and naturally people may have different views on what can be considered a "good" resume. As a result, resume writing fees are generally non-refundable since it takes time to create unique documents. Additionally, the Company makes additional profit by reselling templates.


11. Waiver of Breach

11.1. No waiver by the Company on any breach of these terms and conditions by the customer should be treated as a waiver of any other or subsequent breach. All measures covered in the present agreement should be viewed and regarded as complementary, that is why they remain in effect in addition to the legislative measures or provided herein.

11.2. The inability of the Company to assert a strict performance of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement should be taken as a waiver of the rights or solutions which the company may have in regards to that specific case only. It shall not be viewed as a waiver of any consequent breach of default in any terms and conditions.


12. Amendments

12.1. The Company has the right to alter, modify, review, or otherwise change any or all provisions of the present agreement. The customers agree to be bound by the possible modifications, amendments, revisions, or changes as described herein by the continued rendition of services by the company. The customer is responsible for reviewing the present terms and conditions for changes on a regular basis, as all the alterations are reflected in this section of the site.


13. Miscellaneous Provisions

13.1. Entire Agreement – The present agreement covers the entire stipulations between the customer and the Company and consequently no declarations, promises, or guarantees of either of the parties or agent which are inconsistent herein are valid or binding unless stated in this agreement. The present agreement cannot be modified, altered or enlarged in any other form than in writing signed by both parties and endorsed in present terms and conditions. The present agreement replaces all prior communications, manifestations, or agreements, in verbal or written form, made between the company and the customer.

13.2. Severability - It is realized and agreed by the client that in case that any part or section of these terms and conditions is held illegal or in conflict with the legislation of the state where applied by the courts, the validity of the remaining provisions is not affected and the rights and responsibilities of the customer should be interpreted and imposed as if the agreement did not contain the specific invalid part, term or provision.

13.3. Law Governing - It is mutually agreed and settled that the resent agreement is governed by the legislation of the area where the Company holds its principal place of business, interpretation as well as performance, or in any other place at the determination of the company.